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March 2, 2021

5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Raleigh Home Value With Spring Landscaping

Winter In Raleigh? Forget About It!

It may still feel like winter hasn’t quite let go but one of the coldest record-breaking seasons is already slipping into memory and Spring is just weeks away. It’s time to get ready for the prettiest seasons ahead that help make Raleigh one of the most desirable real estate locations in the US. 

You can take this advice to the bank if well followed wherever your home may be located whether that’s in downtown Raleigh or a lakeside home in Holly Springs. Fixing up your landscaping or even making sure your current decor is freshened up and ready for the growing season will make your home more attractive to buyers and more enjoyable for living in every day.


Get your spring cleaning underway or get it done with the company of 98% humidity and flesh-eating mosquitos THIS SUMMER. (and you thought the winter was bad)

When potential buyers arrive to tour a prospective home, the outside creates an impression within minutes. Almost everyone knows that picturesque landscaping can even raise the total value of your home. Don’t wait until summer to get started on your landscaping projects. Instead, check out a few things you can do now to start the planning process.

  1. Decide What Furniture, Garden Decor, and Deck Items You Want
    Take a moment to envision your ideal outdoor spaces. What do they consist of? What items do you have, and what pieces are you lacking? Make a list of the items you’ll need to complete your projects. Then, browse your preferred retailers to find pieces you like, noting the price and anticipated delivery times. This will ensure that you find options that suit your budget, and you can cater your ordering date according to the item’s availability.
  2. Start Your Seedling Indoors
    If your landscaping plans involve adding new plants and flowers or growing your own vegetable garden, consider starting your own seedlings inside and transplanting them during the spring or summer months. Not only do you have control over the growing conditions, but it’s typically cheaper to grow your own seedlings rather than purchasing them. You also have a wide variety of plant species to choose from, allowing you to find the best option for your landscaping, climate, and vision for your home’s exterior. 
  3. Make a Plan for Spatial Limitations
    Even homes with limited outdoor space can have gorgeous outside spaces. Now is the ideal time to come up with a plan for maximizing the space that you have. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a lush garden, but you’re out of yard space. One solution is to add a vertical garden that takes up a small amount of your yard’s square footage. Or, you might add window planter boxes. Perhaps you envision a roomy outdoor space where you can cook, eat, and relax with your family. If your current deck is too small, you might plan an expansion or decide to split your outside spaces into your front and back yards. 
  4. Research Smart Technology for Your Gardens
    If you worry that you’ll forget to water your garden or just prefer to automate the process, now’s the time to research and set up smart technology to make the task as simple as possible. You can invest in a smart irrigation system that adjusts its water output based on the weather and current soil conditions. Your plans might involve expanding your outdoor entertaining space. Add smart speakers and lighting so that you can quickly set the tone for your evening. 
  5. Craft a Plan of Attack for Pests
    Pests, like mosquitos, flies, and rabbits, keep you from getting optimal enjoyment from your home’s outdoor areas. Decide how you want to tackle these pests. You may prefer to add vegetation that will deter the pesky creatures. For example, citronella, catnip, and marigold plants repel mosquitos. Thorny bushes help keep deer away. You can also check that you’ve removed any items in your yard (like standing water or decaying vegetation) that pests find attractive. Or, it may be better to enact a physical better to keep animals and neighboring pets out of your yard and garden. 
  6. Enjoy!

Dave Keys